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January 2017
13 ICOG Board Meeting
February 2017
6-7 ICOG Board Meeting & Legislative Breakfast
16-17 Staff Training
March 2017
10 ICOG Board Meeting
April 2017
7 ICOG Board Meeting
May 2017
12 ICOG Board Meeting
June 2017
8-9 ICOG Director's Retreat
July 2017
14 ICOG Board Meeting
August 2017
11 ICOG Board Meeting
September 2017
8 ICOG Board Meeting
October 2017
13 ICOG Board Meeting
November 2017
10 ICOG Board Meeting
December 2017
8 ICOG Board Meeting




ICOG Legislative Agenda 2017 - Legislative Priorities

Four Iowa Projects Receive 2015 Innovation Awards from the National Association of Development Organizations
The East Central Iowa Council of Governments, MIDAS Council of Governments, and Region XII Council of Governments were each recognized for projects in their region. More...

Brownfield/Grayfield Tax Credit Program 2/27/15
State and federal incentive programs exist that can make the purchase and redevelopment of a Brownfield site a good economic opportunity for many businesses. These incentive programs exist because Brownfield redevelopment can promote general economic health by reducing environmental hazards, cleaning up neighborhood eyesores, creating jobs, boosting tax revenue, and so on. More...

Bi-State Regional Commission's Evacuation Plan to Receive National Award 11/12/14

Senator Dotzler Receives Award for Service to Local Governments 9/5/14

ICOG Receives 2014 Innovation Award from NADO 8/6/14

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ICOG newsletter - Vol. 8, Issue 1
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Vol. 7, Issue 3
ICOG newsletter -
Vol. 7, Issue 2

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Staff Training | February 16-17, 2017

ICOG Professional Development Conference Presentations | October 7-8, 2014:
-Census Data in the 21st Century
-Community Food Systems Implications for Planning
-Fiscal Reporting in Iowa Cities
-Preparing for EAB in Iowa Communities
-The Super Circular
-Uniform Guidance Reference Materials


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Housing Resources
The Iowa Northland Regional Council of Governments has compiled a listing of State, Federal, and private agencies and their programs that provide additional resources in resolving housing issues. To view the listing, click here.